Increasing capacity for your HR and recruitment teams

Alleviating the administrative and time burden associated with recruitment, enabling you to deploy your resources more effectively elsewhere, whilst maintaining high-quality outcomes. 

During this unprecedented time ensuring you have the right people in the right place has never been more important, especially for the schools, charities, health, local authorities, and government agencies we work with. 

Our service commitment and ability to deliver high-quality recruitment advertising content within 1 working day (on average within 4 hours), combined with expert candidate management expertise is enabling the organisations we work with to allocate their staff resources more effectively elsewhere across the organisation. All whilst making significant cost savings. 

Our recruitment advertising services are fully inclusive and include: 

  • Proofing
  • Media Advice
  • Copy writing
  • Copy Amendments
  • Booking and uploading
  • Professional design (Print or digital)
  • Campaign reporting (collecting performance data)

Because our service is fully inclusive, should you have a hard to fill role that requires extra design / creative input you do not have to worry about being charged extra service fees: instead budgets can be allocated on media products that are going to produce more traffic / applications, rather than on extra agency fees. This fully inclusive strategy is part of our commitment to working with clients for the long term and is part of our 50+ years of trading success. To confirm, all discounts attributable to you will be passed on in full and any / all media bulk packages will be negotiated in a fully open and transparent manner with you.

In conjunction with our advertising and marketing services, clients benefit from our wealth of candidate processing and management expertise across the public sector, including senior management and Board level recruitment.

Services include:

  • Initial sifts (assessing against core competencies using STAR assessing techniques) providing a full audit trail;
  • Equal opportunities monitoring and reporting;
  • Producing objective candidate comparison reports;
  • Psychometric, non-verbal, verbal and strength test assessments;
  • Virtual interviewing;
  • Facilitating virtual assessment centres. 
If you would like to find out how we can help alleviate the administrative burden associated with recruitment, whilst ensuring high-quality outcomes please speak with us today.