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How UK public bodies can directly procure recruitment advertising related services via the ESPO call off / direct award process

27 October 2023

Public bodies, from government agencies to local authorities, often require the expertise of recruitment advertising services to attract top talent and fulfil their organisational needs. To simplify and expedite the procurement of such services, they can leverage the ESPO Advertising Solutions (Recruitment Advertising & Other Advertising Services) framework – Framework Number: 3A-20.

In this article, we will explore the procurement routes within ESPO framework and delve into the advantages of using the “call-off” method for acquiring recruitment advertising services from CJA.

ESPO Frameworks: An overview

ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation) is a public sector buying organisation that provides a range of procurement services for public sector organisations in the UK. They offer a variety of frameworks that allow public bodies to procure goods and services efficiently and in compliance with public procurement regulations. These frameworks are designed to streamline the procurement process and ensure that public funds are spent wisely.

Procurement routes for ESPO Frameworks

When it comes to utilising ESPO frameworks, public bodies have two primary procurement routes:

  • Call-off (also known as direct award)
  • Further competition

Call-off Method

The call-off method, also known as a direct award, is a straightforward and swift way to procure products and services via an ESPO framework. This method is particularly suitable for situations where the required goods or services can be clearly defined and priced. In the context of recruitment advertising services, you can choose the Advertising Solutions framework and directly engage with CJA to meet your specific recruitment needs.

Advantages of the call-off method

Efficiency: The call-off method is known for its efficiency. It allows public bodies to bypass the lengthy and resource-intensive process of a full tendering exercise, making it a quicker way to meet your recruitment advertising requirements.

Cost Savings: By engaging directly with CJA, public bodies can often secure more competitive pricing since you are dealing with a known and established supplier. This can result in cost savings and better value for public funds.

CJA Expertise: Public bodies can leverage our expertise and deep understanding of the recruitment advertising landscape. This ensures your advertising campaign is targeted and effective in reaching the desired talent pool.

Reduced Administration: The call-off method streamlines the administrative burden associated with procurement. Public bodies can have confidence in CJA’s compliance with procurement regulations, reducing the need for extensive oversight.

Flexibility: Public bodies have the flexibility to tailor the services to their specific needs, choosing a supplier such as CJA, who aligns with your requirements, whether it be for a niche recruitment campaign or a broader hiring initiative.


ESPO frameworks offer public bodies a convenient and compliant way to procure essential goods and services. When it comes to recruitment advertising services, the call-off method, as provided by CJA, can simplify the procurement process. It offers efficiency, cost savings, vendor expertise, reduced administration, and flexibility in meeting the unique recruitment needs of public bodies.

By utilising ESPO frameworks and the call-off method via CJA, you can ensure you attract the best talent, while simultaneously adhering to procurement regulations and optimising their use of public funds.

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