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Careers website to showcase the diverse range of opportunities at one of the country’s leading boarding schools 

15 September 2023

Overcoming recruitment challenges through digital innovation 

Uppingham School, like many other boarding schools, occupies a large multipurpose estate, requiring a diverse range of maintenance, cleaning, and commercial staff to support its world class academic provision. However, being located in a small market town, surrounded by countryside, brings multiple challenges when recruiting for operational and business support roles. To overcome these challenges, it is vital for the School to be recognised as the employer of choice within the region and attract new audiences who may have never considered or experienced life within a boarding school.

Advertising alone cannot truly showcase the breadth of opportunities, nor can the main school website, which is naturally focussed on attracting students and parents. The solution was to create a careers website dedicated to engaging with both active and passive job seekers, from cleaners right through to senior leaders.

The careers website provides a realistic preview into working at the School and provides a platform to run far more innovative recruitment advertising and marketing campaigns, both through traditional job boards as well as social media and programmatic advertising channels.

The site is also integrated with iTrent, the School’s HR software and ATS provider. This is very much in the same way as major retailers who market their goods and services through their online shop window but redirect clients to an external payment portal to complete the transaction. This allows the School to enjoy the benefits of having a flexible and fully tailored bespoke marketing platform, able to harness the full potential of social media and wider digital advertising, whilst also having the secure environment an ATS is able to offer.

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